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Workouts Designed for all Lifestyles


Are you ready to burn fat and build lean mass? We can help with our lean workout and nutrition plans to support your training, healthy recipes and more.


A more advanced program devoted to muscle building. This program combines the right workout and supplementation schedule with diet and psychology hardening to achieve your best body.


Unleash your inner speedster with our science based rep speed workouts. By targeting slow and fast twitch muscle fibres we can increase over all speed and agility.


Start where you are, get where you want!

Mario Gamer's Workout

The Gamers workouts focus on flexibility and muscle activation. Designed for gamers of both genders


6 Week Lean Muscle

This workout is designed for both genders and is a 6 week program to build lean muscle


1 On 1 (Form) Etiquette

This 1 hour personal coaching session is focused on proper form...

Local Only


8 Week - Back in Shape 2019

The 8 Week - Back In Shape 2019 Program is for both genders and is a 2 Phase quick start guide


Every Minute On The Minute - E.M.O.M.

A fast paced, quick & full body workout that you can do at home in under 20 minutes



Great program to add strength, build endurance, and improve their cardiovascular fitness with...


6 Week - Women's Circuit

You want to train and keep your strength levels and eat a good filling diet, but you also want to strip away unwanted fat.



Hello, Welcome to Deon J Fitness

Deon John


My purpose is to help clients get in great shape with health based nutrition protocols and proper training programs best suited to reach your fitness goals in record time and keep you motivated.

Whether if it is weight loss, toning up or Muscle building... I can help you get there. I want to give you value for what you pay for. In return, I also want you to have a focus... I want you to know what you want...have a purpose for hitting the gym and achieving that Goal.

It all begins with your first step.

Contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thank You,
Deon John


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